Adding Facebook Pixel to your FIXR account will allow you to track conversions (page views and ticket sales) as well as retarget people who have taken actions on your events. Here is how to get setup:

1) Locate your Pixel 

Head to Ads Manager in your account, click the menu in the top left (circled  below) and then click 'Pixels' under the 'Measure and report' tab.

On the page that comes us, click the 'Create a Pixel' button.

2. Create Your Pixel

On the pop up, give your Pixel a name and click the continue button on the bottom right. 

Now you have your Pixel ID. We recommend to choose the 'Email Instructions To A Developer' option so you keep a record of both your Pixel ID and instructions on how to set it up.

3. Add The Pixel ID To Your FIXR Account

Now it's time to add your Pixel to your FIXR account. Head to and click on 'Edit Account Settings' located under your account image.

N.B. This is under your main account settings, not the settings of a specific event that you are running.

Scroll down till you see the fields in the image below. Drop your Pixel ID in the 'Facebook Tracking Pixel ID' box and hit save.

4. Check That Your Pixel Is Working

Head back to Events Manager to check that Facebook is receiving the Pixel data. On the Events Manager you should see a count of 'Events Received' and a list of 'Top Events'. Once these events are coming through you know that the Pixel is set up correctly!

5. Set Up A Custom Audience For Your Ads

Now it's time to put the Pixel to work by setting up a custom audience. To do this click the menu in the top left, and then hit the 'Audiences' option underneath the 'Assets' tab.

Click on 'Create Audience', then the 'Custom Audience' drop-down option and finally the 'Website traffic' option.

The aim here is to create an audience of people who have viewed your upcoming event but not bought a ticket. So, we need to refine the audience to those who have visited your current event listing and exclude those who already have bought a ticket.

Firstly, click on the drop-down menu (circled below and left) and select the 'People who visited specific web pages' option. A box will appear and you should enter your upcoming FIXR event's URL. 

Then click the 'Exclude People' button and scroll to the bottom of the drop-down and select 'Purchase'. Then, as before, refine by the URL of the upcoming event. This means that you only exclude people who have bought tickets for the event you're currently selling, rather than all the events that you have listed on FIXR.

N.B. Makes sure you use the public URL that will start and not the admin link that starts !

Finally, give the custom audience a helpful name so you know which event it applies to - and you are done ! 

When you come to make your next Facebook ads make sure you use this custom audience for your ad targeting. You'll see a much better ROI and conversion rate!

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