Adding your Facebook pixel to your FIXR account will allow you to track event page views and ticket sales from Facebook advertising, as well as retarget people.

Here are instructions on how to find your Facebook pixel, add it to your FIXR Organiser account and start tracking pixel events.

1) Locate your pixel 

Go to Facebook Ads Manager, sign in, click the menu in the top left (circled below) and then click 'Pixels' under the 'Measure and report' tab.

Click 'Create a Pixel'.

2. Create your pixel

Give your pixel a name and click continue. Copy and paste your Facebook pixel ID.

We recommend you choose the 'Email Instructions To A Developer' option so you keep a record of both your Pixel ID and instructions on how to set it up.

3. Add your pixel to your FIXR Organiser account

Go to and sign in.

Click 'Edit account settings'.

Copy your pixel from Facebook and paste it into the relevant section on the FIXR Organiser. Click save.

4. Check your pixel is firing

Go to your Facebook Events Manager to check that Facebook is receiving the pixel data. You should see a count of 'Events Received' and a list of 'Top Events'.

Once these events are coming through you know that the Pixel is set up correctly!

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