Selling tickets on your Facebook page and/or website is now super easy with our new Ticket Shop functionality. Here's a guide to getting started. 

Let me demonstrate using the FIXR merchandise shop that we have on our Facebook page:

1) Head over to and sign in to your Sales Account. In the right side menu you will see an option to 'Configure Ticket Shops' (circled in green below). 

2) Once you click 'Configure Ticket Shops' you will be presented with two options. Either create a shop for your own website (right) or Facebook (left). 

3) Pick the type of shop you want to create and give it an appropriate name. You can create both types, so simply repeat the process for each shop you want to add. 

If you have created a website shop - all you need do is pick between our Dark or Light Themes - and the platform will generate a snippet of code you can pass over to your web developer to add to the correct page. 

If you want to create a Facebook Shop you have just one further step. 

4) Once you click 'Add to facebook' you will get a pop-up from Facebook asking you to select the page you want to add the ticket shop to. Once you select and page and click 'Add Page Tab' it will automatically be added to your Facebook Page as new Tab. 

This tab will be named 'Buy Tickets' but you can change this name and the order in your page settings. 

It's worth noting that ONLY pages with over 2,000 followers are able to create Facebook shops. Creating these shops requires use of custom Page Tabs which Facebook only makes available to larger pages. 

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