We are proud to say that the FIXR Entry Manager is one of the fastest ticket entry solutions on the market - and it's time you used it. Grab your phone, read this guide, and start scanning!

Getting Started

First of all, download the ‘FIXR - Entry Manager App’  for either Android (4.1+) or  iOS (9+).

Once you’ve downloaded the app, log in using the same email and password as your FIXR Organiser account.

You then have the option to choose between ‘Online mode’ and ‘Offline mode’. 

If you’ll have access to the internet when admitting tickets, choose the online option. This allows you to scan with multiple devices (which can be a combination of Android and iOS), updating the attendee list in real-time. This allows you to operate multiple entrances. 

If you won’t have access to the internet, select offline mode. Before using offline mode you need to have downloaded all the attendees information to the device. To do this, simply connect with the internet whilst you are on offline mode, and the app will automatically download the tickets. You can always refresh this list by clicking the refresh button on the top right of the event page.

We strongly recommend that you only use a single scanner when operating in offline mode. Without access to the internet, a single ticket could be scanned by multiple scanners - as the list is not being updated across all devices.  Similarly, you should wait until after the last sale or ticket transfer deadline before downloading the ticket list, to ensure that you have the full list.

If you are on online mode and you suddenly lose internet connection, don’t worry! A pop-up will automatically appear asking if you want to go to offline mode. Simply click yes, and the attendees who you’ve already scanned will be taken off the downloaded list. 

Setting Up Other Entry Managers 

If you have door managers, you don’t have to give them full access to your FIXR account to let them admit attendees. Instead you can grant them access to manage entries for a single event by setting up a ‘token’. 

To do this, log into your FIXR Organisers Account and navigate to the desired event. Then click on the 'Attendees' tab on the right hand side before selecting the 'Entry Manager' button at the top of the page. You can then generate access tokens at the top of the next page. Simply send these tokens to your door managers and they can use this 6-digit code to login on the app. 

Event Page

Attendees Page

Access Tokens

Admitting Ticket Holders

a) Scanning

The easiest way to admit people is by using the FIXR Entry Manager app to scan the QR code from their booking confirmation shown on a phone or printed PDF.

Simply press the ‘Scan a ticket’ button at the bottom of the ticket list screen, which will bring up the camera. Any QR code placed in front of the camera will be scanned and then you can confirm admission.

b) Search by Name

If the attendee doesn’t have access to their QR code, you can search for them by name. Either scroll down the full ticket list or search using the bar at the top.

c) Multiple Ticket Bookings

You can easily admit multiple people under a single booking. Our scanners register the number of tickets against the bar-code and you can select whether to admit the whole booking or part.

If only some of the group are initially admitted, then the QR code will stay active for when the rest of that group arrive. Simply scan the QR code again and select the number to admit. You can do this multiple times so long as there are unused tickets remaining on the booking. 


a) Booking Not Found

If a booking cannot be found by scanning a QR code, it is very likely that the QR code is out of date. This is often because the ticket purchaser has transferred some of their tickets to someone else.

To check this, either search for their name (as outlined earlier) or ask them to re-download the ticket from their account (which can be done from our mobile apps or website)  

b) Error

If you get an error message it can most likely be solved by refreshing the page by pressing the reload button.

We hope this guide helps! If you  want to learn about the advanced features that Entry Manager, click  here and prepared to be amazed.


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