Once you have created an event, the last step before going live is creating ticket types. Here is how:

If you haven't already created an event follow these steps and set one up. 

Once you have created an event you will see the page below. To create tickets, click the 'add your first type' button circled below in green and select one of the drop down ticket types. 

We have 3 types of ticket:

1) Free tickets

If you are not charging for entry - our free ticket type is the one to go for. Simply name the ticket, and select the number available and you are up and running. 

2) Standard Ticket  

Standard tickets are regular, paid-for tickets. They require a name, quantity, price and selection of currency - as you can see below.

On selecting the price, a booking fee is calculated and shown in the options so you can see the fee charged to the customer for that ticket price.  

It is common for organisers to create a number of standard ticket types - providing different types of entry, or presenting different priced tiers as the event sells out. We also have an advanced 'follow-on' ticket feature that you can use for this purpose - find out more about that here

3) Create a table 

Finally we have a table ticket type. Tables are easy to set up, and beyond name and quantity - all you need to assign is the price for the whole table. If required you can also set a minimum spend per table. This is not charged when buying the ticket but provides users with guidance before they purchase. 

It's worth noting that you can create multiple ticket types, and they can be a combination of paid, unpaid and tables.

Advanced Settings 

You can also assign advanced settings to any of the ticket types above. Click the 'advanced' drop down circled in green above, while on the ticket type creation page, and you will be presented with the following options. 

Description allows you to provide further detail about a ticket type, and is only shown when someone clicks on a particular ticket type. This is helpful for providing further detail on a specific to ticket type - like a free drinks included or VIP ticket perks. 

Last entry is important for many events, informing users of both when to get to the event, and providing our Entry Manager Scanner apps with details on which tickets to accept and reject

You can create sale start and end times for a specific ticketing type, as well as the max number of tickets that can be bought per person and minimum number per transaction. 

Once you have made your selections make sure you click save create the ticket type. 

Any questions - please reach out to us here.

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