Once you have created your event and added ticket types you are almost ready to start selling tickets. Here are a few things to bear in mind, before you are ready to go live:

1) Verify your email

Before an event can go live, you must have confirmed your email. Make sure you have clicked the link in the email to confirm before you try and make live. 

When you come to share the URL for your event - make sure that you use a link that starts https://fixr.co and NOT https://organiser.fixr.co/

You can always find that link on each event - circled in green below - and just click the two red boxes icon to copy!

3) Make sure you add an event image

Though adding an event image is not a required field in the event creation flow - we strongly recommend that you do. 

As you can see above - an event without an image does not look so appealing! 

Our system smartly processes your images so they appear in the highest possible resolution across our website and apps. All you need to do is upload an image of ratio 2:1 that is no larger than 5mb (in pixels that might be 1800 x 1200). 

Once you have covered off these points and are ready to go live, simply click the make live button circled below and get sharing! 

If you have any questions - do get in touch here.  

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