Selling tickets on your Facebook Page is now super easy with our new Ticket Shop functionality. Here's a guide to getting started. However, in order to set this up your page needs over 2,000 followers. This is not our rule but Facebook's and sadly there is no workaround!


Head over to and  sign-in to your Organiser Account.


On the right hand side of the page, click on 'Configure Ticket Shops' (in green below).


Once you click 'Configure Ticket Shops' you will be presented with two options. Click on the 'Facebook' (left) option. 


Give your Ticket Shop a name that makes sense to you.


Once you click 'ADD TO FACEBOOK', you will get a pop up from Facebook asking you to select the page that you want to add the ticket shop to. Select the correct page and click 'Add Page Tab'. This will automatically add your ticket shop to your Facebook Page as a new tab.

This tab will automatically be named 'Buy Tickets' but you can change this name and the order of the tabs in page settings.

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