Running an online event with FIXR is really easy and this guide will show you how. You can find out more on how to run online events with FIXR and their benefits here

Before you can get started creating events and selling tickets on FIXR you must 1) have created a personal account and then 2) create a sales account for the organisation you want to sell tickets as.

1) Set up your event

Once you arrive at the organiser dashboard (shown below) - click on the 'CREATE EVENT' button.

When creating your event, select the Location as ‘Online’.

Then select your Time Zone, plus Start and End times so your global audience can join your event at the right time.

2) Create your tickets

Once your event is set up, it’s time to add Ticket Types. Go to ‘Add your first ticket type’ on your organiser dashboard, then either ‘Create standard ticket’ or ‘Create free ticket’. Create different ticket tiers, add early bird discounts and more for your event goers

You can connect your event to any live streaming services, we recommend Vimeo, Google Hangouts and Zoom. Simply add your link to the 'EVENT ONLINE LINK' field in your ticket type flow. Ticket holders will be automatically sent the event link as part of their ticket - simple!

4) Time to make your event live

Once you’re happy with your event and tickets, simply press ‘MAKE LIVE’ and you’re good to go.

Any questions - please reach out to us here.

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