This only applies to customers who are using the FIXR ticketshop on their own website and looking to optimise their Facebook ad spend towards conversion.

Tracking pixel events on your domain using our ticketshop update, will allow you to have more access to your web conversion event data and make more informed decisions based on that data - now that Apple have released their iOS 14 update which affects ad personalisation and performance reporting for web (and app) conversion events.

1) Update your ticketshop

Log into your FIXR organiser account and go to Manage Account, then Integrations. Click Create Ticketshop - if you already have a ticketshop and these fields are populated, click on the drop down next to Advanced. Scroll down to Analytics and tick the checkbox which says “Track pixel events on my own domain”.

The box is not automatically ticked, tick the box if you want to update your ticketshop and improve your advertising tracking and targeting potential post-iOS 14.

If you do not have a ticketshop set up on your website yet, click Create Ticketshop and fill in the details first, before following the same process outlined above.

2) Verify your domain

Log into your Facebook Business Manager and go to the resource centre. Read the information about how iOS 14 changes may affect your ad account. Under Tasks, click verify your website domain. Go to Brand Safety, Domains and verify your domain.

You are not able to verify your Facebook Business account with the domain - or any other ticketing platform - because it is a third party. However, you are able to verify your own domain with your Facebook Business account, which will enable you to choose and track up to 8 web conversion events (user actions).

If you don't have a domain and you currently drive traffic to your event pages from your social media channels, we recommend registering a domain. If you're not sure how to go about that, get in touch to find out more about your options.

3) Find your pixel

Make sure your Facebook pixel has been added to your FIXR account. Log into FIXR and go to Manage Account > Account Settings > Analytics > Facebook pixel. If your Facebook pixel is already there, no action is needed. If you have not yet added your Facebook pixel, log into Facebook and go to Events Manager in your Facebook Ads Manager account. Click Data Sources > copy your Pixel ID and paste it into the correct field in your FIXR account under Analytics.

If you do not have a pixel, select Facebook pixel > Connect and name your pixel. Add your website URL to check for set up options. Add your pixel to your website.

Make sure your Facebook pixel is embedded on the page(s) on your website where the FIXR ticketshop is integrated, for the ticketshop update to work.

4) Check web conversion events are firing

Once your pixel is embedded on your website and relevant ticketshop pages, and connected to your FIXR account, check that the events (user actions) taking place within the ticketshop are being registered in your Facebook Events Manager.

You should have already selected up to 8 web conversion events (user actions) per domain as part of Facebook’s Aggregated Event Management - their response to iOS 14 changes. If you have not chosen up to 8 events, Facebook will initially configure the conversion events that they believe are the most relevant to your business based on your activity. You can update your conversion events at any time, but consider that it can take up to 72 hours to update.

Go to Facebook Events Manager > Web event configurations and view the configured events on your domain. Click Manage Events to edit this list. You need business admin level permissions in Facebook to be able to manage events and/or domains.

5) Review your ad campaigns

Go to your Facebook Ads Manager and review any campaigns which are currently live. Since Apple released the iOS 14 update at the end of April 2021, you will notice changes. Any ads that have no domain associated with a pixel event pair will be turned off. If you try to create a new ad and optimise for a website conversion event that you haven’t set as one of 8 prioritised website conversions for your domain, your campaign’s ad set will be turned off.

While not usable for optimisation, events not configured as one of the eight conversion events for a domain can still be used for partial reporting in Ads Manager and website Custom Audience targeting.

Make sure that any live or new Facebook and/or Instagram campaigns you run are all optimised towards an event which is one of your prioritised 8 web conversion events and is taking place on your ticketshop, on your domain.

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