Facebook recently made a change to Facebook Pages which prevents third-party data from loading within a Facebook page. Third-party ticket shop integrations like the FIXR Ticket Shops relied on this functionality to render event organisers’ events from the ticketing platform onto a Facebook page.

No prior warning was given by Facebook about this change and we understand that it may be permanent. As a result, the Facebook x FIXR Ticket Shop feature is no longer available. We are disabling it within our CMS for the foreseeable future.


  • It will no longer be possible for event organisers to download a Facebook Ticket Shop integration code from the FIXR Organiser.

  • This does not affect the FIXR website Ticket Shop integration.

  • This does not affect the Facebook pixel integration.

Next steps

You can create individual Facebook events and add a link to your FIXR event page or own website (if using a website Ticket Shop).

Event organisers who have a Facebook Ticketshop integration should edit their Facebook Page tabs. Reorder the list so “Buy Tickets” is further down (lower priority) and/or toggle off “Buy Tickets” so it does not display at all. Move “Events” up the list. All your Facebook events will display here.

Add a URL to your Facebook page so people can click-through to FIXR or your own website and buy tickets.

Use the FIXR follow feature. Encourage your fans to follow your organiser profile on FIXR. By opting in to receive email and/or in-app push notifications, they will be notified about your future events. Keep your fans engaged and sell more tickets faster.

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